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Taste Of Europe Wurst Sampler (6 lb.)

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A Sampling Of Our Specialty Wurst's 

German-Style Cooked Bratwurst - perfectly seasoned with Caraway, Nutmeg, and Ginger. 1lb. (4pcs.)

German-Style Smoked Bratwurst - seasoned just as our Cooked Bratwurst, but smoke finished. 1lb. (4pcs.)

Polish-Style Bratwurst - a tasty blend of Coriander, Cardamom, and Garlic round out this delicious smoked sausage. 1lb. (4pcs.)

Weisswurst - A finely ground pork sausage, mildly seasoned with white pepper, nutmeg, lemon and parsley.  A favorite in southern Germany, traditionally served with sweet mustard and red cabbage. 1lb. 5pcs

Hungarian-Style Bratwurst - A delicious smoked sausage seasoned with Ground Caraway, Coriander, Garlic, Coarse and Fine Black Pepper and Smoked Hungarian Paprika. 1lb. (4pcs)

Bauernwurst -A Frankfurter / Knackwurst style smoked sausage with lean cuts of pork and whole mustard seed added.  A traditional German favorite known as "Farmers Sausage". 1lb. 4pcs