We talked the other day about our order and I am here to tell you DEEEEEEEE LIOUS "Big Guy"! Take pride in your product.


I couldn’t stand to wait until the morning so I made one of your cooked Bratwurst All I can say is, you are a sausage genius. This is the very first Brat that I have tasted in the U.S. that actually rivals and betters its European counterparts. The texture, the spice and the bite are all amazing. I feel like I need to open another package and indulge, but as I said, its late and there is always tomorrow. The Bratwurst went over big time with my wife as well, whose parents were Viennese and who grew up eating Schnitzel and Wurst. Cannot wait for the hot dogs and the Bauernwurst.
— Dennis H.

"Excellent 'Wurst'....got them right on time!"
Henry S. - Arvada, CO

"One taste is all it takes!"
Elizabeth S. - Katy, TX

"Loved 'em!...Susan and Karen were a hit at Costco"
John T. - Sterling, VA

"The talk of our neighborhood 'Oktoberfest'...Thanks!"
Sharon P. - The Woodlands, TX

"Always loved the Brats!"
Tom B. - Freehold, NJ

"Seriously Jim.....It's about time! LOL....Just like I remember them"
Peter F. Outer Banks, NC (formerly Toms River, NJ)