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Oktoberfest Sausage Sampler 6lb.

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 A Sampling Of Traditional Oktoberfest Sausages!

Nurnberger Style Bratwurst - Our traditional Nürnberger style Cooked Bratwurst made famous by Germany's Bavarian region. Mildly seasoned with White Pepper, Ground Caraway, Nutmeg, Ginger and Marjoram. Serve on your favorite roll with mustard or with Bavarian style sauerkraut and potato salad! 2lb. (8pcs)

German Style Smoked Bratwurst - Seasoned with Caraway, Nutmeg and Ginger just as our Cooked Bratwurst, but smoke finished in our Smokehouse! Enjoy in the same manner, on your favorite roll with mustard or over Bavarian Style sauerkraut! 2lb. (8pcs)

 WeisswurstA finely ground pork sausage, mildly seasoned with white pepper, nutmeg, lemon and parsley.  A favorite in southern Germany, traditionally served with sweet mustard and red cabbage. 2lb (8pcs)